White-collar men lose their beer belly

White-collar men lose their beer belly

One day in real life, you suddenly discover that the frog has appeared, but not the prince.

Her husband’s style is still the same, but the abdomen is more and more prominent, and at first glance, it has become the commanding height of the whole body.

Coupled with the slender limbs, the image of a new generation of frog husbands.

  The prince turned into a frog morning mist, and the pool was clear, but it was not the lotus leaf field that resembled the frog’s lower abdomen. I shouted in my dream: I don’t want a prince, but I don’t want a frog.

When my husband got up and wore clothes, he sighed. It must be that I didn’t get up to get him breakfast.

  ”Now men don’t want to be too much.

“I got up and found that I had three trousers thrown on the sofa.” Husband, can’t you wear these?

“I am distressed with brand-name spoils, and I am not willing to move the ruler between the waistband and my husband’s waistline.”

I am desperately shouting in the real world: “Please, tell me where is your waist?”

“Modern life is that work is busy dealing with all kinds of complicated affairs, and changing all kinds of entertainment after work, men are more and more feel that they are separated.

Because there is no time to exercise – weekends can not wait to make up the feeling of the week, because the mood is depressed, drink a little wine, comfort is not found, but the belly shows the true color of pride.

The belt gradually widened and did not regret, but could not sleep long and drunk.

  Men tend to gain weight and are different from women.

There are about 30 billion minority cells in men, and these cells will increase with age.

Almost all men are always heavier than they were when they were 30.

At the same time his genes, hormones and slowed metabolism will have an effect on the abdomen.

  The male big belly, seriously affecting their image, so for the company, but also for their own health, men must lose their beer belly.

  Men’s ways to lose the general’s belly: Eight groups of sports effectively reduce the beer belly The first group: sit-ups (a) lying flat on the ground, hands crossed the chest, legs micro-bow, such as general sit-ups, get up and then lie down, repeated several times.

The number of times can be determined by the individual’s body.

Those who have poor physical strength or have not exercised for a long time can replace other help, such as replacing the wardrobe pedal to hook their feet, or asking someone to help stop the instep and pick up.

  In addition, the hands stretched forward, or the brain is light, can help the athlete to get up easily, although the effect is not as good as the hands crossed on the chest, but it is suitable for the first athletes who have the beer belly to practice.

  The second group: sit-ups (2) raise your feet and raise your feet to do sit-ups.

The excellent first group is high and the effect is stronger than the first group.

If you want to strengthen the upper abdominal muscles, this group is a number of ideal sports.

  In addition, you can also use the round stool to replace the posture of raising the legs: take one of the high and low stools, rest on the feet, and maintain a 90 degree right angle with the body, a feasible way to reduce the burden of the first athlete, butThe effect is the same as the cross-legged cross.

  The third group: knees and legs (1) lying flat on the ground, hands clinging to the floor, legs raised knees (the fatter people, alignment can bend), then put down, repeated several times, help the lower abdomenMuscle exercise.

  The fourth group: the knees and legs (2) sitting on the floor, with the buttocks as the fulcrum, stretched to support the ground, legs bent and raised, and then put down.

Obese men can use this method to effectively contract the lower abdomen.

  The fifth group: the side abdominal muscle training one hand inserted into the ear, one hand close to the ground, do sit-ups in the left and right direction, repeated several times.

When doing this group exercise, the adjacent side must be close to the ground, and the buttocks of the side up can only be lifted slightly, and should not be too far from the ground, otherwise it will easily lead to injury.

  The sixth group: sideways knees and legs raised (a) using a couch without a handle, the side legs naturally fall to the ground, hands crossed the chest, knees and legs.

Similarly, the front end must be close to the seat surface, and even the side lifting leg should be parallel to the seat surface, and should not be lifted too high.

Repeat the number of times and do the other side.

  The seventh group: sideways knees and legs (2) lying on the side, bending the elbows to support the head, then lifting the knees with one leg, let go, repeat several times, and then do the other side.

In addition to exercising the flank muscles, this group of exercises also strengthens the buttocks muscles. It is very likely that men who want to keep their body will practice.

  Group 8: Suspension leg movement Use the horizontal bar or parallel bars in the park, hold the horizontal bar with both hands, then repeatedly bend it up and repeat.

Do not shake your legs during exercise, or do not straighten.

This exercise is very good for strengthening the abdominal muscles.  Of course, after all, local exercise can only temporarily cure the symptoms. If you want to be strong and have a bodybuilding body, you have to cooperate with other sports and persevere in order to really achieve results.

  Balloons minus belly 腩 method balloon reduction belly – method – blowing balloons to lose weight, produced in Japan.

This method can really lose weight, because when you blow the balloon hard, you use abdominal breathing, and at the same time, the body temperature will rise accordingly, so it is effective for promoting slight metabolism.

  Steps: Take a hard breath first.

Tighten the lower abdomen, put the balloon to your mouth, and then blow it hard.

Blow the balloon until it bulges about 30 cm, then let go.

Blowing about 30 times a day can achieve the effect of abdomen.

  Destroy his big belly – the tip of the elimination of the belly is the variable income and expenditure balance.

It not only ensures the absorption of nutrients, but also has abundant energy and no excessive absorption, resulting in the reserve of minors.

  Beat the belly to help you lose the beer belly beat: two hands and five fingers and fold slightly curved, the hand shape is “mango” shape, the left and right hands alternate hollow palm buckle breakdown, it is best to beat in the morning and evening walks, the slam is powerful, and the drumTo play the rhythm, through continuous slamming, activate the abdomen subcutaneous aunt, accelerate the decomposition and absorption of the abdomen aunt, and gradually consume it.

  Of course, this method can’t see obvious effects in one day and two days, but if you can persist for several months, you will feel the belly getting smaller and smaller.

The author used several methods to guide more than 30 diabetic patients with central obesity. They exercised through abdominal pains and slaps. For about half a year, the “general belly” of these patients disappeared miraculously.

  Of course, if you take the following homemade “slimming tea”, you will get better results.

Prescription: 15 grams of Jiaoshan, 3 grams of lotus leaf, 5 grams of raw rhubarb, 15 grams of raw yellow flowers, 3 slices of ginger, 3 grams of raw licorice.

The above-mentioned traditional Chinese medicine decoction is substituted for tea every day.

This side is good for gas and fat, and it is light and healthy.

  Holding the elbows upright can reduce the beer belly. Japanese medical experts pointed out that to eliminate the beer belly to develop good exercise habits, usually sit less and correct more, the best best action is to hold the elbows with both hands, try to close and stand on both legs, the toes are slightlyBefore the squat, the body is in a state of tension.

  Standing 30-60 minutes a day will have a certain effect on eliminating beer belly.

You can consciously adopt such a posture when waiting for an elevator, making a phone call, or watching TV.

  Experts also suggest that you should reduce your aunt’s abdomen, but also combine body movement with abdominal exercise, often participate in running, climbing, cycling, swimming, playing sports, etc., do sit-ups every day, supine legs, etc.action.

  Beer belly does not grow up overnight. You can’t be too anxious to lose beer belly. Only by insisting on exercise and developing a healthy lifestyle can you completely say goodbye to beer belly.