Star use frequency highest parity diet

Star use frequency highest parity diet

Sammi Cheng’s weight loss recipe.

hzh {display: none; }  刚出道时,郑秀文可是演艺圈内地地道道的小肥妹,待发现自己“体重和知名度成反比”时,她就下决心开始减肥。Because of suffering from asthma, I don’t dare to use too radical methods for weight loss. Everything is guided by the coach, and the doctor’s recommended weight loss recipe makes her lose less than 45 kilograms in ancient concerts.More than 48 kg.

  Zheng Xiuwen found that watermelon is a very good fruit, not only has the effect of diuretic, but also eats a lot of stomach is very easy to full.

In terms of food, I love seafood, and I have less protein and less body. Naturally, my body is not easy to get fat.

  Editor’s recommendation: Reducing sugar intake is the secret to losing weight.

Advocates of the low-sugar slimming method believe that sugar is the first poison that affects body shape. It causes the body to produce excessive amounts of insulin and aggregates, so eat less high-sugar foods.

  Fan Wenfang loves to skip the rope. Fan Wenfang, who likes to taste food, always reminds herself to be careful, but she still resists the temptation. Therefore, as long as she eats more, she will skip 300 times and carry a pair of skipping ropes every day.Work everywhere.

She revealed that this pair of skipping ropes is only used for skipping ropes, and it also has the effect of lifting weights.

She is more outstanding, because the skipping rope is the whole body movement, so it is absolutely effective to keep the body.

In addition, every day before going to bed to soak a beauty bath, it is best to add bath salt or hot spring agent, not only can fully relax the body, it is also very beneficial for skin care.

  Editor’s recommendation: In all kinds of weight loss sports, skipping has always been favored.

Skipping rope 30-40 minutes can consume 300 kilocalories, and the conversion of a bowl of white rice is about 2500 kilocalories per kilogram minus one kilogram, about 7700 kilocalories.

  Karen Mok’s apple meal is very thin because of his parents. Karen Mok is not easy to get fat, so it is not too difficult to eat if you eat something. As long as it is high in content, such as chocolate, the cake is not missed.

But sometimes it will grow a few pounds. When this happens, Karen Mok will cut a large pot of apples. When he is hungry, he will put the apples in his stomach. Plus, she also loves apples, so this apple loses weight.It doesn’t matter to her.

After the weight loss, Karen Mok began to taste big food.

  Editor’s recommendation: Apple is a fruit that is more common all year round. It is not high in instant, rich in vitamins, and has a feeling of fullness, so it can achieve weight loss in a short time.

It’s been a new year, and we have to work hard to surpass Apple and reduce the excess.