Ten worst places in everyday life

Ten worst places in everyday life


The worst place to put a toothbrush: The sink sink that blocks the washroom itself is not bad – but it’s too close to the toilet.

According to Dr. Chuck Jebba, a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona, bacteria toilets typically contain 3.2 million bacteria per square inch.

When you flush, the water mist with the toilet smell is sprayed 6 feet away, splashing on the floor, sink and toothbrush.

If you don’t like the water in the toilet, hide the toothbrush behind the door, such as the medicine chest or the cabinet next to it.


The worst place to put a handbag: the kitchen console Your exquisite tote bag is the main carrier of microbes: at the bottom of the bag, there are 10,000 bacteria per square inch – and the available bags detect digestive bacteria.

Women’s handbags are often placed in some dirty places: on the floor of a bus, under the table of a restaurant – even on the floor of a public restroom.

Put your bag in your bed or chair, Jerba says, except where it is used for cooking or eating.


The worst place to cool leftovers: A refrigerator that puts a large pot of hot food directly into the refrigerator can cause an uneven cooling, which can cause food poisoning because it is easy to make the temperature of the center of the large container lower.This creates a comfortable environment for bacteria to grow.

You can put the food on the console for an hour after cooking to keep it cool.

You can also put the hot food into small containers and put them in the refrigerator – it’s colder.


The worst place in the public toilet: the middle of the middle has more bacteria than the two sides.

You won’t get Sexually Transmitted Disease from the toilet seat, but if you touch a sterilized toilet handle without thoroughly washing your hands, you may be infected with a variety of diseases.


The worst position for fitness: You can clearly see the mirror. You may think that you should stand closer to the mirror so you can look at your own posture.

A survey found that 58 female students practiced in classes of similar strength, but those who practiced in mirrored rooms were more worried about themselves after exercise than those who practiced in rooms without mirrors.The figure is not ideal.


The location of the worst night reading lights: Studies on the top of the head have shown that the light from these lights significantly inhibits the body’s secretion of melatonin.

This can affect your sleep, because elevated levels of melatonin are the main signal that keeps your body ready to sleep.

A low-powered desk lamp in the novel allows you to read the novel and keep the room dark enough to help your brain go into sleep mode.


The worst place to put fruit: the kitchen sink serves as a supply station for all household bacteria. The kitchen sink witnesses the circulation of most bacteria, even more than the toilet. If it is a good substitute for cleaning, throw it away.Go into the trash can, not your mouth.


The least suitable place to use headphones: airplanes, trains and subways, music is a better travel companion than chatting with mobile phones.

But research shows that if you use headphones in a noisy environment, you might turn the volume too loud.

Harvard experts have found that in a relatively quiet environment, volunteers are more willing to turn the sound to a volume that is good for the ear.

However, when the budget increased background noise – in a cabin that made a huge rumble – 80% of the people turned the sound to 89 decibels, a volume with a long-term risk of hearing damage.


The worst place to put coffee beans: refrigerator or refrigerated box. Do you want to keep it fresh by storing it in the refrigerator?

Think again, every time you take it out of the refrigerator or refrigerated box, you expose it to changing temperatures, which creates condensation.

“Condensate absorbs the scent – it’s like a cup of coffee every time.”

Dr. John McGee, a professor of food science and human nutrition at Clemson University, said that the best place to store beans is in an opaque, sealed container in a cabinet or pantry.


The worst place to put on TV: The place where you eat research shows that not eating attentively is the enemy of your waistline, it prevents you from paying attention to how much you eat.

Studies have shown that volunteers watching TV have more rest than listening to music. When watching the show, more than 71% of volunteers eat more macaroni and cheese.
If you are driving a TV while cooking, turn it off before you put it on the table to avoid being attracted to food when you watch TV in the living room.
The best place for your TV is where you need to go up or down the stairs, so you have to “work” to get a snack, and you won’t like snacks so much.