[Can drink plenty of water detox]_ effect _ effect

[Can drink plenty of water detox]_ effect _ effect

In the field of Chinese medicine, it is generally believed that with the increase of age, some bad living habits and eating habits will cause a large amount of toxins to accumulate in the body, and the production of diseases is also caused by the accumulation of excessive toxins.Many diseases can be cured without treatment. Massage and acupuncture and cupping are good choices for detoxification. Drinking water can make the bowel and laxative, so can drinking more water to detoxify the body?

In fact, middle-aged female friends should know how to do a good job in detoxification, because if there are many toxins in the body at this stage, they will lead to premature aging and may enter menopause in advance.

There are many ways to detox. The simplest and most effective way is that everyone should drink plenty of water every day so that the metabolites in the body can be discharged.

Guide for middle-aged women to drink plenty of water and detox-the best time to drink water (1) Drinking water when getting up in the morning can not only replenish the body with excess water, but also help people expel toxins from the body.

Be sure to drink a glass of water after getting up in the morning.

But you can’t drink it, try not to drink milk, it is best to drink a glass of warm water.

Reduce blood viscosity.

People don’t drink water during sleep, but sweating and urinary systems are still working, which consumes some water.

When people get up in the morning, if they drink some water, they will be replaced by blood. If they drink salt water, the dry mouth phenomenon will become more and more serious. Drinking salt water will also increase blood pressure.

(2) Around 3 pm is the time when Chinese medicine thinks the bladder nerve is most active. At this stage, everyone should drink more water.

(3) 9 pm is the most active stage of the human immune system. Drinking some water at this stage can manually restore the human body’s immune system and regenerate cells and other physiological functions.

(4) Replenish water half an hour before meals.

Every day everyone drinks water half an hour before eating.

Because hydration before meals will not dilute the gastric juice and affect its digestion, it can effectively promote digestion and reduce body thirst caused by too much.

Female friends can develop a good habit of drinking water half an hour before meals.

Based on the introduction above, we now know that it is very reasonable for female friends to drink more water and detox.

Everyone should drink a glass of warm water after getting up every morning, and drink some water half an hour before eating, which can expel toxins from the body, and can also prevent people from eating too much, which also has a good weight loss effect for women.