It looks like a pineapple but not?

Still high nutrition?

It looks like a pineapple but not?
Still high nutrition?

It is good for people to be refreshed and comfortable.

Suitable for dry mouth, dry eyes, excessive thinking, lack of sleep, and people who speak too much.

It has the effect of health and longevity, and it is also effective for losing weight.

The leaf mill can cure the ulcer and smash the external wound; the sap (the bark removed juice) can cure the ulcer, and has the effect of dissipating swelling and relieving pain, and is used for lymphadenitis caused by redness or redness of the sore.

Local young people gradually changed their chewing gum to a few mouthfuls before the date, which can change the taste of the mouth, and its taste is sweet. In the Song Dynasty, there was the name of “toothy fragrance”.

Although similar to durian, there is no special taste of durian, but it is fragrant and extraordinarily attractive.

Beauty-rich vitamin B can effectively nourish the skin, prevent the skin from cracking, moisturize the hair, and also eliminate the tension of the body and enhance the body’s immunity.

Weight loss jackfruit contains almost all the vitamins the body needs, 16 kinds of natural minerals, and can effectively help digestion and absorption.

The secret of pineapple to lose weight is its rich juice, which can effectively detoxify. It can effectively mix pineapple or substitute pineapple juice in food every day. However, it is easy to reduce the taste and stimulate the oral mucosa.Second, it is easy to cause the production of bromelain. People who are allergic to this protease may have symptoms such as itchy skin.

The way to avoid this is simple: after the pineapple is peeled, sliced or lumpy, soaked in a light salt water for half an hour, then rinsed with salt water to get a salty taste, you can feel the freshness of the pineapple with confidence.

It promotes digestion of pineapple pulp with sugar, traces, and protein; in juice, it also contains a similar enzyme to the gastric phase, which can decompose proteins and help digestion.

Therefore, there is great potential for eating after meals.

The milky pineapple seed nucleus is rich in starch, trace, protein, cooked and edible, and can cure women’s postpartum milk deficiency.

The heart of the jackfruit, as soft as coconut meat, is usually used to cook sweet soup.

Promote blood circulation to absorb jackfruit, which can strengthen the decomposition of fibrin in the body. It can dissolve fibrin and blood clots in tissues and blood vessels, thereby improving local blood and body fluid circulation, so that inflammation and edema can be absorbed and subsided.Cerebral thrombosis and other diseases caused by thrombosis have certain adjuvant therapeutic effects.

The pineapple protein extracted from jackfruit is used in combination with antibiotics and other drugs to promote the penetration and spread of the drug into the implanted tissue. It is suitable for treating complications caused by various causes, such as bronchitis, bronchitis and acute pneumonia.Throatitis, retinitis, mastitis, postpartum breast congestion, postpartum thrombophlebitis, arthritis, periarthritis, cell tissue inflammation, calf ulcer and other diseases.

Directly coated with jackfruit sap can treat lymphangitis, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

Treatment of colds, fever, cough, scorpion pain, in addition to rest in bed quietly, does not hinder the placement of a cup of fresh pineapple juice, it has a cooling effect, and can effectively reduce the bronchi.

Through medical research, since ancient times, humans have often accompanied the bromelain contained in pineapple to loosen the symptoms of snoring and coughing.

Clean up the intestines and often have constipation invading friends, you can try a recipe: every morning, eat a piece of fresh pineapple.