Do you know the correct bathing sequence?

Do you know the correct bathing sequence?

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  Do you know the correct bathing order?

It is said that 99% of the people are wrong to bathe a lot of things related to beauty, and in order to eliminate fatigue, improve sleep has a good effect.

But you may not know that bathing is in the right order: wash your face, take a shower, wash your hair.

  One of the “Bathing Overtures”: Why do you want to wash your face first?

It turns out that when you enter the shower room, when the hot water is turned on, it will produce steam, and the pores of the human body will expand when heated, so if you don’t wash your face first, you will accumulate a lot of dirty things for a day.It will sneak into your pores when your pore door opens.

Over time, your pores will be squeezed by these dirty things, overlapping the territory that should not belong to them. The acne on your face will be more and more, but never trust others to you.Said “beautiful beautiful acne”.

  In addition, don’t think that you will not be attacked by dust when you sleep at night, so the number of times you wash your face in one day should be: get up once, once before lunch break, and once in the evening before bathing, three times in total.

Wash your face with warm water when bathing, because if you use high temperature water for a long time, it will cause skin aging, so be sure to wash your face with warm water to keep your skin youthful.

  ”Bathing Prelude” 2: The water temperature can be hot when taking a bath, which can effectively promote metabolism, speed up blood circulation, expand pores, and completely discharge body sweat.

Every kilogram of sweat that the human body emits can take away 540 cards per second.

Let yourself shower for about 10 minutes in hot water at 40 degrees Celsius, you can consume 200 calories!

Happily reducing the fat in a relaxing bath, it really kills two birds with one stone.

  However, the time should be controlled within 20 minutes and the ventilation should be good.

When taking a shower, close your eyes and try to relax.

Let the sprinklers sway back and forth on the skin. After some bathing, the skin and mood can be fully decompressed.

  ”Bathing Overture” 3: Shampoo hair restores moisture in the sputum of steam. At this time, the best moment to wash your hair has arrived.

  First apply the shampoo to the hair in the water, then put the hair on the top of the top for a while, rinse with water, remember to rinse it, then evenly apply the cream or conditioner, gently massage three to fiveMinutes, comb with a wide-toothed comb and wash.

Finally, rinse thoroughly with water.

Since then, the bathing trilogy of “Water Bath Beauty” has been announced to be completed.