[How easy and fast is breakfast for elementary school students]_kids_kids

[How easy and fast is breakfast for elementary school students]_kids_kids

Three meals a day for breakfast is particularly important. What is more suitable for breakfast?

Especially like elementary school students, they are at the stage of development, and their nutritional requirements are relatively high, so we should reasonably arrange their diet and supplement certain protein and calcium every day. The recommendation is that a glass of milk, an egg andThe bread is matched, so how easy is the breakfast for elementary school students?

Steamed egg custard: two eggs (the baby egg I use, relatively small), break up in a bowl, add 100g of cool white water, and continue to stir with chopsticks.Strain the good egg liquid, pour it into a bowl for steaming eggs, boil water, cover the lid or snap a flat plate, cover the pot, turn off the heat after steaming for 10 minutes, and open the lid for 5 minutes.Drizzle soy sauce and sesame oil.

Egg custard is tender and smooth, and most children love this.

Eggs are rich in nutrition and easy to digest. Steamed custard is the first choice for children’s complementary food and the best choice for breakfast for elementary school students.

Milk banana pie: Cut two bananas into small pieces, and use a cooking machine to make a banana milkshake with 250ml milk. Stir in a cup of flour to form a liquid batter.Pour in the batter, and it will flow into a pie shape, and fry it on both sides until cooked.

This is the basic method of milk banana pie. You can add nut powder or oatmeal to this ingredient to make milk banana pie more nutritious and healthier.

Egg fried steamed buns: production method: cut the steamed buns into pieces, add salt to break up the eggs, heat the pan and brush with oil, and then wrap the steamed buns with egg liquid and fry them on both sides in the pan.

The egg-fried steamed buns are soft and delicious, and can be eaten with sauce. It is convenient and quick to save trouble. It is highly recommended for breakfast.

Egg-fried Parsley Fish Fillets: Basal fillets use kitchen paper to absorb excess water and cut into mahjong-sized pieces.

Wrap the fish pieces in dry flour and cover them with a thin layer of dry powder, and then wrap the egg liquid in the egg liquid. Heat the pan over heat, brush a layer of oil, put the fish pieces in, and cook on low heat.can.