[A man who can hold on for 60 seconds is a good man]

[A man who can hold on for 60 seconds is a good man]

Regarding what is a good man, I always think that it is difficult to use a specific standard to judge. A handsome man is not necessarily a good man, similar to Ximen Qing, and a frog is not something that a woman likes.He is considered by most women to be his best husband candidate.

To see if a man is a good man, what should be more important is the intrinsic quality, and if this intrinsic quality is weighed with a scale and measured with a ruler, it will definitely be futile.

Using a stopwatch, I think it is possible to tell the good or bad of a man. A tentative standard is set to a limit of 60 seconds. If most men think that it is unfair, there will be no good man in the world. Remember to notifyI, the standard can be revised again.

The interval between two visits to the beauty.

If a man is shopping with a woman, it is normal to meet one or more beautiful women.

If a woman is not forced to stare at a man, it seems a bit cruel. After all, the beauty of beauty is shared by everyone. Men secretly glance at the corner of the eye, as a woman should also be generous, but there is a degree in itproblem.

A willing man who doesn’t look at it is a superb man.

After looking at it and not looking at it, it’s a fine man.