These people are the most difficult to slim down

These people are the most difficult to slim down

Some people will easily understand that they already have a controlled diet in sports, but in a few months, they have only lost one or two pounds. Once they give up or loosen their weight, they will rise to the top.?

These kinds of people are the most difficult to slim down. The characteristics of damp heat are: scalp shine, many acne acne, often dry mouth and bitterness, red eyes, red temperament, easy to get angry.

  Weight loss points: If you are a fat man with hot and humid constitution, then you are not only fat, but also shiny, a face of hemorrhoids, if you can clear the damp heat, dispel the leak, then lose weight acne will kill two birds with one stone.

Eat less fatty foods, sweeteners to maintain good digestive function, avoid water wet end or wet from outside.

People with damp heat are suitable for high-intensity, high-volume exercise, such as long-distance running, swimming, climbing, various balls, etc., can consume excess heat in the body, excrete excess water, and achieve the purpose of heat and dehumidification.

  Recommended food: mung bean, cucumber and other detoxification hot food.

  Taboo food: all kinds of fried foods with high oil content, a small amount of food; pepper, pepper, pepper, boiled fish, mutton skewers and other spicy foods.

Second, the characteristics of qi deficiency constitution: complexion yellow or pale, pale lips, hair is not very shiny, usually do not like to talk, the voice is relatively low, not loud, the spirit is not very refreshing, the body is easy to fatigue, easy to sweat.

Introverted, courageous.

Susceptible to a cold.

  Weight loss points: If you are a fat man with qi deficiency, then you may be a soft, lazy fat man, used to be a fat man?

Replenishing qi and strengthening the spleen, cultivating vitality, and immediately making you energetic.

People with imaginary physique are suitable for walking, jogging and dancing; it is also suitable for practicing traditional Chinese medicine such as Ba Duan Jin and Wu Qin Xi.

The amount of exercise is smaller at the beginning of the exercise and gradually increases as a target.

  Recommended food: previous rice, beef, chicken, squid, jujube, cherries, grapes, peanuts, etc. are good for qi and spleen and stomach.

  Taboo food: cold and bitter cold, spicy and hot food, food should not be too much greasy, difficult to digest food.

Third, peace and physical characteristics: body shape, strong, easy-going and cheerful personality.

  This type of person is the healthiest, but once you gain weight, it is evenly fat, or strong, and the body is in a state of balance, naturally it is difficult to lose weight.

It doesn’t matter, keep good habits, find another best balance, and lose weight.

  Weight loss points: adjust the state of exercise, in general, a person needs half an hour of exercise per day, and aerobic exercise is better.

Change the pattern and time of the movement.

If you usually go to work by car, you may wish to get off at two stops in advance.

If you usually take the elevator on the second floor, this habit has to be changed.

  For the “sturdy” woman, usually do some physical exercise, stretching the bones is beneficial to the curve.

Fourth, yang physique characteristics: tired and cold, cold limbs, pale lips, less gas lazy words, sleepiness, fatigue, weight loss points: If you are yang deficiency body fat, then you may be chubby, meat and soft,Lack of flexibility, and no more meat is not warm, then you can improve your body shape by warming the spleen and kidney, and getting wet and yang.

In addition, we must strengthen physical exercise, spring, summer, autumn and winter, perseverance, 1 per day?
2 times.

Specific projects, depending on physical strength, such as walking, jogging, Tai Chi, ball games and various dance activities.

  Recommended food: Bu Yang tea, such as Cordyceps, ginseng, walnut, ginger, cinnamon, peanuts, etc.; aphrodisiac food such as lamb, venison, chicken.

  Taboo food: heat-clearing herbs such as honeysuckle, dandelion, Rhizoma Imperatae, plantain, bitter tea, winter melon and so on.

Five, phlegm physique characteristics: body fat, abdominal plump, skin skin fat too much, sweaty and sticky, easy to sleepy, love sweets to lose weight points: If you are a phlegm fat, then you may be waist thick bellyRound butt is big, the pace is heavy, do not like to move, remember to want to lose weight, the first thing to do is spleen dampness, phlegm and turbidity.

In the diet, we must first stop sweets, stop drinking, and most avoid overeating and eating too fast.

You should always eat mild and mild foods, eat more vegetables, fruits, especially some foods that have spleen and dampness and silt.

  Recommended food: papaya, white radish, jujube, red beans, yam, glutinous rice, beef, lamb, squid, lemon, cherry, chestnuts, etc.

Taboo food: pomegranate, grapefruit, glutinous rice, etc.

Weight loss diet notes 1, eat more high-fiber food fiber food can effectively inhibit the sense of obesity, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing diet.

Therefore, you can eat more fruits, vegetables and grains in your diet.

2, drink more water If people want to maintain a balanced diet, they should drink plenty of water, and should drink ordinary, no added water.
Water not only dissolves a lot of vitamins and minerals, but also transports nutrients into the cells, and then transports the waste out of the cells to maintain normal functioning.
And if the amount of activity is relatively large, the amount of water to be added should be further increased.

3, eat less sweet sugar is the main source of conversion, but the human body may not need a lot of conversion.

And too much accumulation will eventually turn into sputum and increase your weight.

Although the harm of sugar is not as good as that of adults, the absorption of sweets will promote appetite and lead to the discharge of calcium.

The upper Yiyi is the basis for the formation of slim tissue with combustion dynamics.