Old Chinese medicine sharing the twelve classics of medicine (Easy to remember songs), Chinese medicine practitioners collection

Old Chinese medicine sharing the twelve classics of medicine (Easy to remember songs), Chinese medicine practitioners collection

Gallbladder biliary gentian and Mutong; Chaihu Qingpi diarrhea.

Warm tanning with dried tangerine peel, more ginger and Chuanxiong.

Cool with bamboo and berberine; quotes all with the liver.

What is the medicine for the large intestine?

Left-handed oyster white keel, platycodon rice husk, yam meat and lotus meat.

Chuan Dahuang, South Betel nut, clam shell stone diarrhea large intestine, plus Glauber’s salt Peach kernel, scallion three-inch diarrhea is stronger.

Dried ginger and cinnamon, the three can warm the intestine at the same time, the medicine is all the same as the stomach;

The small intestine is supplemented by small intestines and oysters; the diarrhea uses a wooden stalk of total perilla, and even the lychee lychee nucleus is the same as the laxative agent.

The small intestine requires warm, large and small fennel root; cold with astragalus powder; reference to live and high.

The small and large intestine bladder is filled with the orange-shaped calamus to make up the bladder, and the puzzle continues to break the keel; the scorpion is used for the scorpion, and the diarrhea stone gang.

Warm with black medicinal herbs and fennel; cool with yellow peony root, licorice shoots, also cool; quotes all the same small intestine.

Sanjiao nourishing three Jiao with puzzle, more licorice and jaundice; diarrhea with medlar and diarrhea; warm with ginger attached quite useful.

The original gypsum, the ground bone skin, and the cool three-focus effect are urgent.

Dating three cokes is no different, there is no difference between drugs and liver and gallbladder.

The pericardium is replenished with radix rehmanniae; the diarrhea is treated with black medicinal herbs and clam shells; warm cinnamon; cold medlar; cichlid green skin is an introduction.

The heart of the heart asks what medicine to supplement the heart, Yuanzhi yam and wheat winter, Zao Ren Angelica Tianqi yellow, six flavors come to great success.

Scrophularia sinensis, huanglian cool, woody fragrant mother-in-law diarrhea heart; cool heart bamboo leaf rhinoceros horn, cinnabar forsythia and bezoar.

Warm heart 藿 菖 菖 ; ;;

Liver meridian nourishing liver by jujube Qiaoqiao, papaya and tribute gum; diarrhea liver Bupleurum and white peony, green skin sputum is essential; Hu Huanglian, gentian, car before the Ganjuliang liver table; Wengan Muxiang Wu Yugui;Qingpichuan is good.

Spleen spleen ginseng ginseng scutellaria, lentil atractylodes total dried tangerine peel, lotus seed yam white peony, citrus atractylodes licorice should be.

Diarrhea spleen, with tamping, plaster rhubarb green Pico.

Warm spleen, Guiding, clove, aconite, ginger and pepper.

Talc Xuanming cool spleen medicine; white sputum cohosh date spleen.

Splenomegaly lungs supplemented with lungs and yam, wheat syrup, sable ebony and ginseng, Ejiao Baizi schisandra, and cotton scutellaria.

Perilla, with wind, diarrhea, diarrhea, lungs, even if the shell mulberry white skin, Liuwei diarrhea is generally the same.

Warm lung wood fragrant winter flowers, ginger dried ginger white glutinous rice; Liangfei jaundice and fritillary, human 溺山栀沙玄参.

Aristolochia, melon, and platycodon must go to the heart; citing white peony and cohosh, even a few with scallions.

Kidney tonifying kidney yam Ganzi, 螵蛸 turtle plate and oyster, Eucommia ulmoides Jushengzi, Hawthorn 共 共 共 共 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙After eighteen flavors.

There is no need to ask for more diarrhea, and the mother-in-law is quite equal.

Warm kidney cinnamon and aconite, deer antler, paper sea agarwood, also warm kidney, sputum umbilical; cool kidney know cypress bone skin, plus a bite powder paeonol; quoted solitary cinnamon.

The stomach needs to be used for tonifying the stomach. The succulent succulent succulent succulent succulent succulent succulent

The diarrhea and stomach fire, also like the spleen, add a taste of Nanxun, add Glauber’s salt and rhubarb, and add more gypsum.

Warm stomach wood and musk, puzzle Wujing and good ginger, fragrant white meat grass cardamom, magnolia pepper and dried ginger.

Liangwei genus root radix, talc huanglian sinensis powder, Zhimu forsythia gypsum sputum, scorpion Shengmazhuru search, thirteen flavor medicine cool stomach fire; white sputum sputum appetizer.

Stomach ulcer in the human figure